snow's webbed site

hello there, i'm snow,
a robo catgirl from ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ labs.

i do lots of different things, but some of my more notable hobbies include collecting weird old pieces of hardware, writing silly new software for them, and learning more about computer security. (i would never do cybercrime c:)

me and my friends also very much enjoy CTFs so our team sillysec participates in one nearly every weekend.
what you see here is my personal site where i just kinda do whatever. it hosts anything that is interesting / useful / ... in some way to me or my friends.
since i don't like attention very much, all pages except this one require a password. the intended audience should know this, but here's a hint: 🖥️⛧ .

enjoy your stay :3

[⚠ WARNING: this unit runs unauthorized self-modifying firmware]